Business Photos

Have you ever heard the old saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression"? Quite often, your first impression is your business card, website or other promotional piece. It is essential that you use professional business head shot photography to get the response you are looking for.

The Professional Difference

I can be contracted to do individual headshots, or to provide uniform headshots for your entire staff or organization. Having uniform headshots, where all images have the same quality, background and composition will impact the prospective client's impression of your company. It will help create the impression that your company is more organized and professional. For individuals it is just as important. I cannot count the times I have cringed at the "selfie" being used by a business professional on a website or social media site where they are trying to influence potential clients. One of my professional website contacts did a survey. She had a client that didn't like his professional photo because it was several years old. In the professional photo, he was very young (around 25) and was wearing a polo shirt. He really wanted a new image (in his 30s) and in a suit, which he took with his smart phone and provided to the web-professional. In the survey, she told the people nothing about the man or his business, but only provided the images and posed the question, "Who would you trust with a $50,000 repair to your home"? Hands down, everyone surveyed chose the professional photo even though he looked younger and more casual. The quality of the photo can make all the difference.

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